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Perineoplasty Procedure

Perineoplasty procedure is a gynecological procedure which is performed to transform the vaginal opening (introitus) into a smaller and tighter area.
The anatomical area can be damaged during vaginal deliveries due to stretching of the skin and muscles, tears or episiotomies and aging process. Inadequately healed or repaired lacerations may lead to weakening of perineal muscles and hence decreased muscle tone, impaired function, larger vaginal opening, (introitus), and vaginal gapping. Occasionally inadequately repaired perineum leads to formation of scar tissue in the perineum and vagina resulting in painful intercourse. Above anatomical changes may affect to a large extend sexual function and sexual satisfaction.

The anatomical area/tissue involved in this type of surgical procedure ( the perineum), extends between the vaginal opening and the tissue extending towards the anal canal. This area contains major muscles which are involved in the process of vaginal delivery, very frequently being overly stretched and injured.










Above image represents Perineum, which corresponds to the area between the anus and the introitus (the opening) of vagina.

The goal of the procedure, Perineoplasty is not only restoration of the anatomy of perineal body but also regaining sexual function and satisfaction. 

What does Perienoplasty entail?


Perineoplasty is performed by aproximating relaxed muscles in perineum and lower vagina and trimming of any excessive skin. The procedure, Perineoplasty, may need to be performed in association with a scar revision caused by prior vaginal deliveries or any trauma to the vaginal introitus. The purpose of the repair is to make the opening of the vagina smaller, tighter and to increase muscle tone. 


Can Perienoplasty be performed in conjunction with Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Very frequently Perineoplasty is performed in conjunction with other cosmetic gynecologic procedures including Vaginoplasty Surgery. During a preoperative consultation each patient is evaluated on individualized basis and exact extend of a procedure is discussed and determined. Each patient is presented with Vaginoplasty before and after and Perineoplasty as well.

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