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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Replacement hormonal therapy for vasomotor symptoms and dryness in the genital area is of paramount importance. The importance of vasomotor symptoms is significant in women in postmenopausal age, as it is known that the level of estrogen is decreasing with menopause due to a natural decline in the level of hormones produced by the reproductive organs. Not only the ovaries but also the adrenal glands are the source of reproductive hormones that are essential for normal hormonal function. In addition to age, there are other factors that may affect the level of hormones at this age including coexistent medical diseases such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, depressive and anxiety disorders, and prior surgeries on the reproductive organs. In the event of hormonal imbalance and a decrease in the hormonal level, first, it is crucial to determine the level of the hormones in the bloodstream. Once, it is determined that the hormone level is below the desired norm, one can consider replacement with hormonal therapy.

We recommend various methods and hormone options to replenish the "missing" hormones in females' bloodstream. Depending on the patient hormone level and desire, a tailored therapy is first discussed and initiated. We have traditional and bioidentical hormones available for the patient that may differ depending on many factors not limited to blood tests, activity level, and personal preferences. call at 773.880.6064


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