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Pelvic Rejuvenation

Many women inquire about Pelvic Rejuvenation, and whether or not it is a good solution. The simple answer is yes, but the more complex answer requires a bit more unraveling. This procedure is often time’s one of cosmetic purposes. However, it could also become a matter of medical necessity, especially in the case of older women, or women that have recently given birth and are not healing properly. A doctor can guide you through the decision making process, and advise as to whether or not this is a medical necessity. For the most part, the structures of the pelvis can be damaged, or could loosen for a variety of reasons, which is why many women pursue this option.

Main Reasons Women Choose Pelvic Rejuvenation

There are several main reasons that women choose to go through this type of procedure. Whether it’s to tighten the vaginal opening, vaginal canal, or to enhance sexual function, the reasons can be varied and unique to each woman. Pelvic relaxation is another reason that this could be sought after, especially after childbirth. Rejuvenation helps in correcting this issue and with the latest technologies, most surgeries can be done with minimal invasive procedures.

Minimal invasive surgical options utilize the latest medical technology, including the use of the da Vinci Surgical System. This system utilizes small incisions, cameras, and robotics to help surgeons make accurate cuts and expedited the recovery process.

Brief Surgical Description

Surgeons that perform this type of work utilize a variety of techniques to assist with the rejuvenation. The procedure could last a couple of hours and is considered an outpatient surgery. This depends on the patient, and there are several evaluations that need to be considered. Laser guided solutions abound, but traditional scalpel methods are also available. Only a doctor can truly describe this in detail, and give a recommendation as to whether or not it is necessary due to a medical reason or other.

Exploring Advantages

Rejuvenation of the pelvic area can be a quick, and safe procedure. There are cosmetic benefits that come alongside with the surgery. It can tighten the inner vagina, and provide removal of excess tissues, as well as improve the overall appearance.

Confidence is also a benefit that many women experience, especially when repair to the tissue is done after childbirth. Loss of sensation, sexual experience, and other issues can be alleviated as a result. Psychological benefits also abound here, as women can feel self-conscious about the appearance and feeling associated with a relaxation of the pelvic floor.

For more information on Pelvic Rejuvenation, and whether or not you are a candidate, contact us today. We are here to help answer your questions, and help with making the right decision. You can visit us on Google.

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