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Cosmetic gynecologic surgery

When women consider cosmetic gynecologic surgery and procedures, many will think immediately of face-lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, and the like. An option women do not often consider, but is starting to gain more and more popularity, is cosmetic gynecology. There are a variety of procedures available to help increase women’s confidence, quality of life, boost their self-esteem, and even help rekindle their intimacy with their loved one.

A woman’s genital area goes through a variety of changes over the course of her life. A pregnancy can often cause changes in the functionality and look of the female genital area, leading to anatomical changes and low self-esteem when the anatomy and function changes. Increased laxity of pelvic muscles and tissue is also a phenomenon that happens over time to women who lead sexually satisfying lives. These types of issues and changes can be fixed and enhanced through cosmetic gynecologic surgery.

A great example is a labia majora labiaplasty, a procedure that alters the outer areas of the labia, often reducing its size and increasing the volume an enhancing appearance. This is especially useful in women who are beyond the reproductive age and experience a drop in hormonal levels. Of course, these changes lead to lesser comfort during intimacy; therefore restoring their sexual experiences via labia majora reconstruction is a useful approach. Labia minora on the other hand may seem to be a reason for a concern at a much younger age since frequently anatomical changes from the birth on are visible for younger women. By correcting the size and shape of the labia minora, the appearance of this structure brings a confidence and greater satisfaction during sexual life. In other words, by reducing the size of the labia, self-esteem is boosted and confidence is restored.

While cosmetic gynecologic surgery definitely helps with self-esteem through enhancing the visual aspect of the vaginal area and restoring intimacy in their lives, there are also procedures that improve functionality and quality of life. Many women later in life start experiencing problems with their bladder ‘falling’ and their vaginal walls losing strength to hold things up. If there is a medical indication to correct falling bladder or prolapsed posterior vaginal wall, appropriate procedures are indicated and performed. A vaginoplasty, or vaginal reconstruction is helpful in these cases, where a strict tightening procedure is sought. In order to correct the weaker muscles and tissue, the muscles are brought together, tightening and strengthening the vaginal tube and excessive tissue of the vaginal wall is resected, followed by suturing the tissue to a desired diameter. One could compare a vaginoplasty to a face-lift, as the vaginal walls are firmed up and reshaped.

Cosmetic gynecology is an option more women need to start learning about. Its benefits are high and risks are low, making it a fairly easy decision to make. However, this is an extremely personal decision on the part of the female, and should be talked about with a trusted physician. The ultimate decision as to which type of procedure to choose and who will perform it should be followed by a thorough research since it could be a hardly reversible procedure.

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